March 22, 2017

Durian Kit Kat?

Nestle is considering releasing a durian flavoured version of Kit Kat in Thailand. — Twitter (@bintangrafdi)

THE Japanese have been quite creative with their use of different flavours to create Kit Kat.

But Thailand may just win the award for the most unique flavour — durian.

Nestle, manufacturer of the renowned chocolate treat, is discussing the possibility of releasing durian flavoured Kit Kat. 

The Japanese have been making Kit Kat in other flavours as well. — Twitter (@Thailandee_com)

Thailand thought of the idea to benefit its tourism.

Reports said Nestle is still discussing the possibility of using the King of Fruit in its Kit Kat due to "other factors".

The smell, flavour and texture of the durian is an acquired taste, one not many are fond of.

Over the years, Japan has produced various flavoured Kit Kat such as grilled potato, wasabi, pepper citrus and even sushi-inspired Kit Kat.

Japan has revolutionised the chocolate bar by turning them into "sushi". — Twitter (@thaimythbuster)

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