April 20, 2017

Rain or shine,
Pok Yas there

Yahya always 'watches over' Sultan Muhammad V. — Azinuddin Ghazali

Words: Ida Nadirah Ibrahim

HOW is it like working for a royal family?

Ask Yahya@Umar Daud, 70, one of the longest serving Kelantan palace staff.


> Grew up on palace grounds.

> Parents served Kelantan royal family; mother was grocery shopper and father gatekeeper of palace goods.


> Yahya progressed from ordinary staff (1978) to royal umbrella bearer and keeper of royal state awards.

> "Pok Ya" served Kelantan monarchy for three generations.

> Sultan Ismail Petra extended his services after Yahya's retirement in 2001.

I'll continue as long as Tuanku permits. The royal palace is my flesh and blood.

Yahya carries the royal umbrella as Sultan Muhammad inspects a ceremonial guard of honour at Parliament House on March 6.  — Ahmad Zamzahuri

Rain or shine, I'll always be on standby to shield His Majesty.


Yahya regards Sultan Muhammad as his son — he's had the privilege of watching His Majesty grow up.

What does he think of the new Agong?

> Caring king. Not only the people, palace staff are also "well taken care of".

> Palace staff receive regular health check-ups.

> During the 2014 Kelantan floods, Sultan Muhammad ensured food and drinks were delivered to affected staff.

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