Bangkok shrine blast

trial put off again

BANGKOK — The trial of two Chinese Uighurs accused of a deadly shrine bombing was postponed for a second time yesterday as the court again failed to find a suitable translator for the suspects. The August 2015 bombing left 20 dead in the centre of the city in an unprecedented attack on the junta-ruled nation. The two accused, Yusufu Mieraili and Bilal Mohammed, were arrested by Thai police in the days after the bombing and had been held in military custody ever since. Both deny the charges. — AFP

Japan’s ‘living fossil’ crabs mysteriously dying

TOKYO — Hundreds of horseshoe crabs — known as “living fossils” as they are among the earth’s oldest creatures — have washed ashore dead in southern Japan, confounding experts who study the alien-like sidewalkers. Horseshoe crabs, known for their blue blood, are a regular summer visitor to tidal flats in south and western Japan including one near Kitakyushu city where they lay their eggs. Some invariably die in the process, but this year, a local conservation group noticed the number of the precious marine arthropods that perished was unusually high. “The conservation group spotted about five to 10 remains every day during the egg-laying period, so they started to tally them,” said Kitakyushu city official Kenji Sato. — AFP

Taiwan acts against bank linked to
Panama Papers

TAIPEI — Taiwan regulators have ordered the removal of executives of a local bank linked to the Panama Papers scandal and barred it from opening overseas branches, saying not enough was done to prevent money laundering. Mega International Commercial Bank had been hit with a US$180 million (RM744 million) fine last month by United States regulators after they uncovered “suspicious transactions” between its New York and Panama branches. Mega Bank had dealings with a Panamanian law firm at the centre of the scandal, the US Department of Financial Services said. — AFP

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