Families, friends of MH17 crew 
attend private gathering

SEPANG — Families and friends of the crew of Malaysia Airlines MH17, shot down two years ago over Ukraine, gathered for a private ceremony to honour the victims at KL International Airport yesterday.

The gathering, by about 200 people, was organised by Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) at the flight management building.

MAB chairman Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof said the event was organised to strengthen bonds of friendship between families and friends of the airline.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the crew and passengers of MH17 and their family members. It was a really sad and tragic event,” he said.

There was a presentation of slides of the air disaster, and of the crew members whose names were read out by Md Nor, who described them as people who had been loving, dedicated and focused on their jobs and also jovial.

Each family of the perished crew was presented a stalk of pink rose, a gift box with a golden ribbon and some Aidilfitri goodies.

The wife of co-pilot Ahmad Hakimi Hanapi, Sharifah Asma’a Dyed Alwi Al Junied, said she appreciated the efforts by MAB to remember the victims of the tragedy.

“I am happy to know that MAB still remembers us all and is still organising such events in memory of our loved ones,” she said.

Sharifah Asma’a brought along her son, Abderrahman Ahmad Hakimi, who was seen rubbing his eyes and keeping quiet.

Mustafa Abdul Samad, father of stewardess Mastura, said he felt sad during the presentation of the slides.

“Even the recent Aidilfitri, when all my children were back home, was still not the same as she would help me with preparations,” he said.

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