Ministries should regulate prices

PETALING JAYA — Price increases of food products and other essential goods continue to see an upward trend almost every week leaving consumers puzzled as to whether this was due to profiteering or otherwise.

They hope it can be stabilised or properly regulated by the respective ministries.

You too can contribute your idea to Budget 2017 by visiting and submit your views in catergories including cost of living, healthcare, housing and urban living, transportation and infratructure.

The following are what some are wishing for in Budget 2017

“The prices of goods are expensive, and the charges for services are too much for us Malaysians to bear.

“We belong to the lower income group and struggle to pay our bills on top of GST. I am a kiosk operator selling beauty accessories. There have been an increase of prices since GST. It used to be RM1.00 for bracelet now it’s RM2.00 a unit. If I sell it expensive, I won’t have customers visiting my shop. The selling of accessories depends on time, if there is a bigger crowd normally on public holidays, there will be buyers. I hope the government will consider abolishing the GST services.”

— Nalini Ammvasi, 40, kiosk operator, KL.

“The price for cooking oil, gas and even sugar is on the rise. House groceries are expensive, if we dine at restaurants it’s RM20 for two. We hope the government can reduce the price of house necessities. If our salaries are high obviously we won’t complain. Sugar used to be RM1.80 a packet now it’s RM2.50. I find it not worth paying so much. I hope next year the prices of groceries will come down, before GST was implemented we could buy a trolley full of essential supplies but now we can only buy a few things.”

— Mohd Firdaus Hamid, 25, Medical supplier, Subang Jaya.

“Our main concern is GST. Things like pampers, they charge GST. Is it fair? It’s RM34.00 for a big packet with GST charges it’s RM39.00. Second concern must be house prices which are getting higher and higher by the day. The price for an apartment in Klang Valley is going for RM200,000 to RM300,000. How can a RM1,500-RM2,000 earner afford owning a property? Must we rent a place for the rest of our lives?”

— Mohan Ramachandran, 34, Film Crew, KL.

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