Cupid works overtime 
for Valentine’s Day

PETALING JAYA — Although Valentine’s Day is today, Cupid has been working its magic even before the day arrived.

Here is how some couples celebrate their love:

Nurse Wilson

Peter Paul, 20

“I am working on Valentine’s Day, but we made the best of yesterday. I spent the day at the movies with my girlfriend, Barathi Balasundram, who works at the same place as I do. We don’t think gifts are necessary. What’s important is to spend time together. Usually, when I ask her what she wants, it’s not flowers, but a teddy bear or a soft toy.”


Parameswari Krisnan, 35

“We are not going to spend the day alone as we have two beautiful children. Maybe Valentine’s Day will call for a good family dinner in town. I don’t necessarily require romantic gestures but some roses wouldn’t hurt. It is unfortunate, though, they are slightly expensive during this time of year.”

IT consultant

Leonard Bong, 25

“I just moved to Singapore recently and my girlfriend is still in Kuala Lumpur. We won’t be able to spend Valentine’s Day together, but it’s okay.

I would have loved to cook her dinner in my kitchen as it shows more effort, perhaps even create something from scratch.

Buying roses is good but it is too expensive, with a bouquet costing as much as RM200.

We shouldn’t just be appreciating our loved ones on Valentine’s Day but all
year round.”

Business owner

Jagitkanthan Raj, 24

“It’s been only a month since I started dating someone. My plans for Valentine’s Day include chocolates and conversations. I want to get to know her better. I may even get her some roses as I can get them at an affordable price through friends. We may go out for a cup of coffee if it isn’t too crowded. Otherwise, we will stay at home and appreciate each other’s company.

This is the best day to be spending with someone you’re fond of and they should know how you feel about them.

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