Serial rapist will be monitored upon return, says govt

PETALING JAYA — Convicted serial rapist Selva Kumar Subbiah will be closely monitored when he returns to Malaysia, said Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said.

He said this was the standard practice when dealing with convicted criminals who returned after serving time abroad.

“He will be place on the police list of sexual offenders and kept under close watch,” he said.

“The public can rest assured he and others who have been punished for offences in other countries would not return to their old ways.”

Nur Jazlan said the authorities could not incarcerate Selva Kumar as the crimes were committed in Canada.

“He is a Malaysian and had committed criminal acts abroad. He has been prosecuted and punished. Canada has every right to send him home and we cannot refuse his right of citizenship as he has not broken the law here,” he said.

He said Selva Kumar’s citizenship could not be revoked and that society must provide a condusive environment for reformed individuals to have a second chance.

“He is a free man here. His family and society must give him an opportunity to change and he must prove he has been reformed after spending 25 years in jail,” he said.

A Canadian High Commission spokesperson said it would not be possible to release Selva Kumar’s latest photograph.

“We have privacy laws to consider and it is not likely a photo or other details regarding this individual will be released,” she said.

“This will be discussed at the governmental level and they will decide on the procedure to deport this individual pending a decision to have him deported.”

There was public outcry in 2015 when convicted paedophile Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin returned to Malaysia after seving nine months in an English prison for possession of child pornography.

Nur Fitri, who studied at Impreial College on a Mara student loan, was caught in possession of 601 videos and images belonging to category A (abuse involving penetrative sexual activity with children), as well as hundreds of category B and C.

He pleaded guilty to 17 offences, including possession of indecent images and videos of children, with intent to distribute the materials.

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