Cunning criminal

“HIS behaviour is so disgusting and so vile that no punishment ascribed by this court would do justice.”

Those were the words of Ontario Court Judge Joe Bovard before sentencing Selva Kumar Subbiah to 25 years in prison on Dec 21, 1992.


He was originally charged with 60 counts of sexual assault and drug offences, including:

  • Several with “administering a stupefying and overpowering drug”.

After firing his lawyer during a preliminary hearing, Selva Kumar changed his not guilty plea and admitted to:

  • Nine counts of sexual assault.

  • Six counts of administering a noxious substance.

  • Two counts of administering a substance affecting the central nervous system.

  • One count of procuring a person to become a prostitute.

Of the 25 victims the prosecution had lined up to testify, 17 took the stand the stand when he decided to change his plea.

Police at that time believed there were several hundred more victims in the Toronto area.

“Women need to be protected from Mr Subbiah,” Bovard said.

“He regards women no better than caged animals to be kept at his house,” said Crown Attorney Caroline Kerr.

Lead investigator, Detective Terry Wark described Selva Kumar as: “One of the most cunning criminals he’s ever encountered.”

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