Assassins return to crime scene

TWO female suspects linked to the assassination of Kim Jong-nam at klia2 on Monday returned to the airport early yesterday to re-enact the scene.

They were escorted by a team of 50 police personnel to the departure hall on Level 4 at 1.10am.

Investigators cordoned off the area near the check-in kiosks where the assassination took place.

The handcuffed suspects were covered from head to toe, with only their eyes revealed.

What happened?

They led police near the check-in kiosk where they had allegedly attacked Jong-nam.

They re-enacted the scene as police personnel recorded their moves.

The suspects were taken away at 2.30am.

The forensics team continued to gather evidence at the scene before leaving an hour later.

Selangor police chief Datuk Seri Abdul Samah Mat confirmed the duo were brought to the airport to shed more light into the murder. He declined to elaborate further.

This article first appeared in Malay Mail Afternoon E-Paper yesterday.

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