Equipment no longer compatible, explains TNB

PETALING JAYA — As silence falls on the water treatment plants affected by the shutdown of the Bukit Badong main intake substation, life in nearby residential and commercial areas seems untouched.

Unlike the three Sungai Selangor water treatment plants at Bestari Jaya and Batang Berjuntai, the homes and buildings still had electricity supply, thanks to 28 Tenaga Nasional Bhd mobile generators.

TNB Selangor and Putrajaya operations and maintenance chief engineer Ishak Mohd Zain said their mobile generators could not help keep operations going at the plants because their equipment was incompatible.

“The plants use a 6kV generator system while we only have 11kV and 33kV generators. Due to the age of their systems, there is no backward compatibility among our current systems,” he said when inspecting works at the substation.

“The treatment plants have to upgrade their system.”

Ishak said they had repeatedly postponed maintenance works for the substation since Sept 27 at the behest of the water authorities, but the facility was now at a level where they could no longer afford any delay.

He revealed they had detected two “hotspots”, due to internal wear and tear, in the substation on Thursday, and when maintenance works started yesterday, they detected two more.

The works, which involved 120 personnel, started at 9am and were set for 16 hours.

“Our maintenance cycle is set at every three years but it is long overdue at Bukit Badong. When we last carried out the maintenance, it was not on this scale and the plants were not affected,” Ishak said, adding the substation was 20 years old.

He also said they were installing an arc protection system to extend the lifespan of the substation’s internal systems and that they would also increase checks on the substation from three months to one-and-a half months.

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