Tookar the game with online car purchases

PETALING JAYA — With the digital boom penetrating global markets at full speed, the e-Commerce segment has been expanding rapidly in all sectors of the economy.

Leveraging on the high usage of e-Commerce by those between 20 and 40 years old, Tookar Sdn Bhd (Tookar) said it is ready to change the game.

Tookar is a safe, seamless online car exchange platform which allows buyers to not only name their price but also request for the desired discount off the listed price.

The site gives buyers the opportunity to negotiate the best deals with multiple authorised dealers simultaneously, to which Tookar guarantees a 100% booking fee refund.

It’s deputy chief executive officer Tan Ming Kim told Malay Mail that the online automotive exchange aims to merge the traditional buying process with the digital ecosystem.

“This will give buyers the opportunity and power to browse through their choice of vehicles and make bookings on the spot without hesitating on the authenticity of dealers,” he said.

Tookar was launched in September and already has over 200 authorised dealers on board.

Tan said the company believes that e-Commerce is here to stay and with Tookar, it will benefit both buyers and dealers.

“This will help buyers purchase their vehicle of choice at a lower price while assisting dealers to sell their stocks in hand,” he said.

He said with Tookar, dealers will no longer face geographical constraints as to where, how and who they can sell their vehicles to.

“Buyers can purchase from the comfort of their home and even have the vehicle delivered to them.

“There are over 2,000 prospective buyers who have come on board Tookar and we believe it will continue to grow with the strong response we have received,” Tan said.

Moving forward, Tookar is looking to expand within the region in 2017.

“We are still deciding on markets for our regional expansion and we already have investors who have vested interests in our business model,” he said.

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