We’re going to miss your tweets

An unusually calm and quiet Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar caught the attention of many during the handover ceremony of his duties as inspector-general of police.

If he had been outspoken and jovial at his press conferences, Khalid was visibly emotional yesterday.

Khalid who went on mandatory retirement yesterday however shared a few light moments with Malay Mail as he was leaving the police training centre.

MM: What will the first thing you do tomorrow when you awake as an ordinary citizen?

Khalid: I will take it easy and go for a jog.

MM: Since you like baking and cooking, what will you whip up first?

Khalid: Bread from scratch.

Wife, Puan Sri Imran Ibrahim interrupts: No, I’m the queen, he’d better cook what I request now.

(Couple share a laugh).

MM: Will your continue to be active on Twitter?

Khalid: No, I won’t. By midnight, I will tweet for the last time and I will let my account be there.

I don’t want the attention to be taken away from the newly-appointed IGP.

MM: Do you think your relationship with the media has been good?

Khalid: Definitely. You all have helped the police force to highlight all of our successes and brought us closer to the public.

MM: Will you consider taking up any government post after your retirement?

Khalid: Not at the moment.

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