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A day in the life of a newspaper

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THE people who put the newspaper together — the news editors, sub-editors and designers — only start work around 2pm but the reporters and photographers start their day much earlier.

After being given their assignments the night before, they go about their work and send stories back to the Newsdesk throughout the day.

By the time the daily Editorial meeting takes place at 3pm, the editors already
have a good idea what stories they have
in hand and at the meeting the decision on which story goes into which
page happens.

Sub-editors and designers will work
on pages all through the evening right
down to the time when all the pages
are sent to the printer situated behind the main office building of the
Malay Mail.

The newspaper is printed, stacked
and sent out to the vendors. These guys in turn either deliver it to the homes
of readers directly or send the papers to newsagents.

All in all, it takes a big team to
get the newspaper into your hands.