Permanent farewell

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Zayn Malik has some harsh words about his former One Direction band mates.

He said he never made any friends in the five years that he was part of the boyband, which shot to fame after coming in third on The X Factor UK.

While he admits that he is somewhat of an “island’ and didn’t confer with the boys, they allegedly made snide remarks that were unexpected.

Malik said it was over before he left.

All the touring and meteoric rise to fame took a toll and their “relationships had broken apart”.

Suffice to say he has not spoken to any of them since, and is doing well as a solo artiste.

Harry Styles, the other boy who has made it big after going solo, has crushed Directioners’ dreams of a reunion in the future.

Following the bashing from Malik, Styles who has always been hopeful of a one last tour as a group, is doubtful that a reunion is in the cards.

Guess that is the nail in the coffin.