Nobody’s laughing

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Looks like not everyone hates entrepreneur Datuk Aliff Syukri.

The beauty product businessman recently got himself in a sticky situation on a live TV show after calling out for “ugly women”. Then picking on an audience member with a dark complexion to smear his product on her face, without her consent.

What was supposed to be a funny act had the crowd aghast.

He has since tried to salvage his actions.

His wife has come forward to “ban” him from live TV shows, probably implying that she is handling him now.

He has since uploaded a video with said audience member, saying that it was staged and that she was ok with the whole skit.

Well, no one is buying it.

In now comes Datuk Seri Vida, cosmetic giant herself to save the day.

DVS as she is fondly known, posted a picture of her and Aliff while pleading for fans to forgive him.

Having been in similar situations herself, she told him it was tough to be “the odd ones in the industry” and he needsed to be strong.

How about not touching people’s faces?