Funding the war against HIV

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THERE have been many fundraising initiatives by the Malaysian AIDS Foundation over the years.

Here are some of them:

Hot & Cold charity run

The run was organised to celebrate the heroic feats of two men, Jeff Lau and Jerry Song, who conquered two of the world’s toughest foot races in opposing hot and cold climate extremes.

They ran the 9th 6633 Arctic Ultra and the Gobi March to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS.

Both men are also ambassadors of the Red Ribbon Youth Club, which is an advocacy project by MAF to promote HIV awareness, volunteerism, peer education and support among young Malaysians.

The first Hot Hot & Cold charity run was held in 2017 and was organised by MAF and UM’s faculty of medicine.

It received overwhelming support and raised more than RM200,000 for organisers.

MAF corporate partners also supported the event by providing sponsorship.

The run was held again this year on Malaysia Day and it sought to not only raise funds but to promote MAF’s goal to ending AIDS and stand in solidarity with people living with and affected by HIV.


This is an annual charity made up of an exhibition of paintings, photography and sculptures, to raise funds for MAF.

The initiative started in 2015 and the exhibition in 2017 had 44 visual artists contributing exciting and varied musings on the theme Bebas.

Some RM300,000 were raised from artwork sales.

This year, themed Diri, the event once again showcased artworks by 44 established and emerging local artists.

It was once again led by Ahmad Zakii, Malaysia’s most acclaimed fine artist, who is also a trustee of MAF, with curatorial support from his fellow artist, Noor Mahnun Mohamed.

Proceeds from Artaid will be channelled to treatment, care and support programme for people living with HIV, especially women and children.

Give Me Five campaign

This is an ongoing donation campaign that solicits recurring donation from members of the public.

Donors can donate RM5, RM25 or RM55 per month, which will be debited from one’s credit card.

Money raised goes towards the Foundation’s treatment, care and support trust fund in aid of single mothers as well as women and children living with HIV.

Sale of merchandise

There is also an array of merchandise up for sale by MAF.

It includes the oh-so-cute MAF Bear (Lau carries one with him each time he goes on his ultra runs as part of his mission to promote HIV/AIDS awareness), designer t-shirts, exclusive red ribbon pins and
tote bags.