Democracy in action in Julau?

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THE PKR political bureau took the dubious step on Wednesday of clearing its Julau branch which was accused of doctoring registrations to allegedly swell its membership from 603 to over 13,000 in a day.

To say the move is premature is the least of it, since the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission still has not closed its investigation into the matter along with another on alleged “money politics” — that convenient euphemism.

More worryingly, however, is the party’s ability to say with a straight face that it found nothing irregular about the surge — which I simply must repeat here for emphasis — from 603 to over 13,000.

In one day.

To put things in perspective, the Election Commission states that there are 25,380 voters registered in the federal constituency of Julau.

That effectively means over half of Julau’s registered voters could be PKR members. In fact, fewer people voted for Julau MP Larry Sng — 10,105 — than there are party members now.

This, of course, could mean one of two things.

The first is that the Julau PKR branch is possibly the most prolific recruiter of party members in history. (In one day!)

The second is that something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

The spike is particularly concerning as PKR practises the one member, one vote policy.

With incumbent deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali ahead of rival Rafizi Ramli by under 2,000 votes, there are more than enough ballots in Julau alone to swing the contest firmly in the latter’s favour.

Yes, yes, democracy is messy. I don’t question that, but this truly stretches the limits of incredulity.

I suppose the saving grace for non-members is that PKR is at least an opposition party with no power to influence how the government will conduct elections in the future … oh wait.

Oh, well.