Heidi Klum

Late to the party

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Late to
the party

YOU would think being the most streamed artist on Spotify would mean that you could date anyone you want.

Not so fast. In a recent interview, supermodel Heidi Klum spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about meeting the love of her life, and then getting a text from Drake.

The last time Klum was on The Ellen Show, she was single and ready to mingle.

In a game on the show, she hypothetically picked Drake as her date.

After the show, she was asked to attend a party and did so reluctantly.

But it was there that she met Tom Kaulitz, guitarist for rock band Tokio Hotel.

Drake, on the other hand, must have seen the show and assumed that Klum would go out with him.

He got her number from a mutual friend and texted Klum. But the German supermodel didn’t reply as she had met Kaulitz.

Timing is everything.