Nicki Minaj

Chit-chat faux pas

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Let’s talk about Cardi B and Nicki Minaj (left pic).

The two rappers were at a New York Fashion Week party, schmoozing with the likes of Tom Ford and Anna Wintour.

Things were going well until Cardi and Minaj came face-to-face.

At first, the altercation seemed one-sided, with Cardi seen going at a group of people believed to be part of Minaj’s entourage.

But Cardi later said Minaj had earlier spoken about her child and questioned her parenting skills.

That was enough to set Cardi off.

A couple of days later, Minaj said she would never talk about someone’s child and said she was mortified and humiliated by the incident, considering the company they were keeping at the event.

Minaj later went on to say that Cardi could “die” if she continues to go around attacking people.

Looks like this feud between the two is going to last just a little longer.