Own up within a month, buyers told

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PUTRAJAYA — Motorists who bought driving licences without sitting for their tests have one month to surrender them, Transport Minister Anthony Loke announced.

He said the ministry has identified 14,000 holders of such licences issued by the Road Transport Department over the past two years.

“Volunteer and come forward with the ‘lesen terbang’ that you bought,” Loke told them at his press conference yesterday.

“We have your details and the data. Our system has all the information of when, where and who, so it is not hard for us to reach you.”

Loke said investigations by the RTD showed a majority of the 14,000 “lesen terbang” holders are Malaysians, with a significant number of the remainder being foreigners living here.

“As for the foreign nationals, the highest number of purchasers are Chinese nationals, followed by those from Japan, Singapore and Brunei,” he said.

“When I took office, I warned driving schools to stop offering ‘guaranteed to settle (pau kautim)’ arrangements for those sitting for licence tests but this ‘lesen terbang’ is a bigger matter”.

He said what is worse is that the agents and runners involved in the syndicates openly offer the sale of such licences over social media accounts like Facebook.

Loke said as much as the RTD officers who issued the licences have committed an offence, those who purchased them are also equally liable.

“Those who come forward will not have any action taken against them, as they may be assisting the ministry as witnesses,” he said.