Fly national flag proudly, Dr M says in Merdeka video

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KUALA LUMPUR — Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad urged Malaysians to proudly fly the national flag ahead of its 61st Merdeka on Aug 31.

In a one-minute 40 seconds video on Facebook by the Malaysia Information Department titled ‘Harapan Merdeka’ (Merdeka Hope), Dr Mahathir is seen talking to two children, one of whom asks him why Malaysians do not fly the Jalur Gemilang as often as they used to.

In response, he said the current situation in the country has changed and that they are living happily and in comfort.

“Because of this they believe that ‘Hari Merdeka’ is but a normal occasion,” Dr Mahathir tells the children.

Holding their hands and taking a stroll around the Putrajaya lake, Dr Mahathir tells the children that if everyone in the country flies the Jalur Gemilang during the National Day celebrations, Malaysia would be more lively and the social bond between her people would become stronger.

“Fly the Jalur Gemilang, love our Malaysia,” he says in the end.

Comments on the video are overwhelmingly positive, as many said they were inspired by the video to do so this year.

“An interesting technique, combining the nation’s leader with children. The spirit of loving the country needs to be inculcated from young by flying the Jalur Gemilang, #SayangiMalaysiaku #Negorikusayang,” said Rozita Ibrahim.

Lim Ann Teck said, “The struggle for independence requires sacrificing life and soul. Now we enjoy independence in peace and harmony. Let us never become complacent and forfeit our independence.

“I recount our heroes who willingly gave up their lives for our country’s independence. We do not have to sacrifice our lives any more, it is enough to wave the Jalur Gemilang. No compulsion is necessary, with a glad heart we wave it. I am ready, when will you be?” said Bala Supramanian.

A. Singh S. Bhag said, “Let us burn ever brighter the spirit of our patriotism.”