Aidilfitri aid for mosque officials, religious teachers

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PUTRAJAYA — A special Hari Raya aid of RM400 will be given to 66,258 mosque officials and religious teachers nationwide, with the cash deposited into their individual bank accounts, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng announced.

He said in a statement yesterday these categories of mosque officials and religious teachers comprised 12,500 imam, 8,650 bilal, 3,950 takmir teachers, 8,394 tok siak/norja/merbot, and 32,764 Kafa (Quran class and Fardhu Ain) teachers.

“The total cost for this payment is RM26.5 million and the sum has been channelled to the Department of Islamic Development (Jakim),” he said.

Lim said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had instructed mosque officials be given the special payment, similar to that given to certain categories of federal civil service employees.

He said the government had approved the payment of RM400 each.

Lim explained that the payment was not included in the People’s Cost-of-Living Allowance (formerly known as BR1M) paid separately.

“The federal government has also channelled RM1.6 billion to almost 4.1 million recipients of the Cost-of-Living Allowance beginning June 6,”
he said.

“Hopefully, these incentives will help in some way in the Aidilfitri preparations of the recipients nationwide.”