‘Housing, traffic crises if PH continues rule’

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SEBERANG PERAI — Penang will face housing, land and traffic crises in the years to come if the state continues to be led by Pakatan Harapan, Teng Chang Yeow warned yesterday.

The Penang Barisan Nasional chairman said uncontrolled development by PH over the last decade has had a detrimental effect on the state.

He said BN is anticipating the three issues because of poor planning by PH.

“Housing prices are already inflated and will continue to rise that one day, our youths will not be able to buy their own property any more,” Teng said a press conference after the launch of Penang BN’s “Save
Penang” manifesto.

He said there would also be a land crisis caused by the PH administration’s move to change the leasehold status of land to freehold in the state.

“This will drive up land prices, reduce the state’s land bank and in the end, there will no longer be any land left for the state, which will also lead to expensive properties.”

Teng claimed most people in Penang could not afford land or properties because of the current prices.

“It will go beyond the affordability of the next generation as well,” he said.

Teng also maintained that the state’s uncontrolled development would lead to a traffic crisis.

“They are approving high-rise, high-density projects without any proper planning. This will contribute to traffic congestion as there is no proper traffic dispersal system in place,” he said.

Teng said the Penang BN’s manifesto pledges are based on the severity of the issues faced by the state, including floods.

He said it addresses the issue with a flood mitigation and drainage master plan.

“One of the pledges is to ensure that 50 per cent of city councillors are civil society members and not political appointees who will sit in council planning committees to decide on project approvals,” he said.

“They will be able to provide their input directly when it comes to approving developments.”