Close rivalry healthy sign, says G25

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KUALA LUMPUR — Ahead of the elections, G25 welcomed yesterday an era of close fighting between the ruling and opposition parties, saying it is a healthy sign of a maturing democracy.

The group of former top civil servants said a winning party that is too strong may be tempted to abuse its power and forget all the promises about institutional, economic and social reforms.

“We believe that a government with a strong opposition will serve the country better in bringing the economic and social justice to the people,” it said in a statement.

The group also hoped for healthy competition without exploiting the issues of race and religion.

“Today’s generation have more respect for politicians who win their seats using clean politics than those who use money to bribe voters,” it said, urging the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to ensure candidates obey anti-graft laws in campaigns.

It also called for the Election Commission (EC) to ensure the elections are free and fair, and warned that the polls will be closely watched by the world.

“The EC must be strictly professional so that the results will be accepted by the people and recognised internationally as valid. This will help restore confidence in the future of the country,” it added.
— Bernama