Timber worth RM3m seized in Pahang

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BERA — The Pahang Forestry Department confiscated 2,400 timber logs, estimated to be worth more than RM3 million, which were logged illegally at the Chini Forest Reserve and the Chini Forest Reserve Extension.

Forestry Department director Datuk Mohd Hizamri Mohd Yasin said the logs seized in the raid on Saturday comprised high-value timber from the meranti and keruing species and weighed 2,500 tonnes.

“The raid involved 60 state Forestry Department personnel after receiving information from the public,” Hizamri said.

“The raiding party came across nine heaps of logs in the forest reserve area. We believe the illegal loggers started operations early last month based on the tree stumps left as well as the sap.”

The department detained four men, aged between 20 and 60, who were nabbed while carrying the logs out of the forest reserve.

“They were all released on police bail after their statements were taken to assist the investigation for being in possession of forest products.”

Three tractors, two four-wheel-drive vehicles and a lorry were also seized.

“We will not compromise with trespassers in the almost 4.5km prohibited area.”

At the same time, Hizamri said the department would utilise the RM1 million allocation given by the government to purchasing a drone and vehicles to check on illegal logging.

“We will continue to use the Forest Monitoring Remote Sensing Plus system developed by the Peninsular Malaysia Forestry Headquarters to see the extent of damage caused by illegal logging.”
— Bernama