Innovation key to pest control, says company

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KUALA LUMPUR — Entopest Environmental Services Sdn Bhd (Entopest), a pest control and washroom services company, believes innovation is the key for a company to combat pest domination.

General manager Roy Heng said its innovative approach includes product effectiveness, services, research and development (R&D), transparent analytical studies as well as monitoring.

“Innovation is the most vital thing. Any business which doesn’t see innovation as the drive towards growth are less likely to find success in business,” he told Malay Mail.

“We believe the new innovative approach will help pave the way on implementation of this new sustainable and preventive method which Malaysia can use to outsmart the pest evolution.”

Entopest is currently associated with major multinational chemical suppliers, engaging the use of their latest scientifically advanced chemicals approved by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia.

The final products will combine with Entopest’s system and management technologies, meeting the desired needs for each category of industries and human enclaves.

“We believe working closely with the local government and local operators is the best practice for Malaysia,” said Heng, who also noted that Entopest’s team of professionals received their training in Europe and Australasia.

The group is a Qualified Licensed Fumigator, a legal recognition awarded by the Agriculture Ministry. The award is also a licence upon completion of a course on safety aspects of fumigation required by the Health Ministry.

The company practises integrated pest management and quality professional system to solve pest problems with special emphasis on prevention methods, particularly mechanical control, good sanitation and housekeeping, biological control, as well as chemical control.

When chemicals are used, Entopest ensures the chemicals are approved by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia.

“Our technicians are trained and specialise in eliminating pest infestation. By engaging with our services, the customer can expect value-for-money through our friendly technicians, effective treatment, and punctuality,” Heng said.

In 2016, Entopest was acquired by Ancom Crop Care Sdn Bhd, a local pesticide, insecticide, and herbicides manufacturer.

With the acquisition, Entopest aims to provide better understanding and effective new technology towards pest management system in Malaysia.

Being one of the companies in Malaysia that has improved revenues six-fold within 23 months, Entopest hopes by the end of this year to go for public listing.

Besides pest control, Entopest also has ventured into washroom services, where they collaborate with Vectair System, a manufacturer, and supplier from the United Kingdom and the company is sole distributor for Vectair products in the Asia Pacific region.