Noel Chern Zheng

Noel Chern Zheng Yu

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Noel Chern Zheng Yu



Having started martial arts training at age 13, Chern has nearly a decade of hard training and healthy living under his belt and has been training in muay thai since 2012.

He works out five to six hours from Monday to Saturday, gets about six hours of sleep daily and maintains a low carbohydrate diet.

“Depending on the day, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I head to university, gym and lift weights.”

He added that he wished he could get more sleep but had to sacrifice it because of his studies.

Chern, who holds a sports science diploma, does his own research into health and exercise techniques, and relies on friends for advice.

He encouraged others to pick up exercising as a first step towards living healthier, adding that bodybuilding was not as difficult as it seemed.

It was, he said, achievable with the right mindset and motivation.

“Bodybuilding is suitable for everyone. It does not take much time to train your body every day as the exercises are easier than muay thai. Bodybuilding is the easier option if you want a good body.”