Elina Nasution

Elina Nasution

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Elina Nasution


Marketing executive

She took to maintaining a vegan diet in September 2015 and does not eat any animal products.

Elina credited effective time management for allowing her to prepare her meals and she shares her vegan journey on her YouTube channel, Elina Gives.

“I wake up by 7am on weekdays, grab my prepped breakfast, lunch and snacks, head to work and spend one to two hours at the gym right after.

“After that, depending on the situation, I either preheat my prepped dinner or cook something on the spot and edit videos before I sleep.”

On weekends, she divides her time between filming for her channel, and friends and family.

She also goes to the gym, and prepares meals for the following week.

Elina said one needed to keep one’s lifestyle choices interesting, adding she frequently challenged herself such as having only raw food for a week.

“Ultimately, you want a sustainable life without feeling insecure about what you eat, do and who you include in your life.”