‘Hantu Kak Limah 3’ back to haunt fans

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AFTER 2010’s Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah and Husin, Mon dan Jin Pakai Toncit three years later, the comedy franchise has expanded.

Comical characters such as Kak Limah, Husin, Pak Jabit, Pak Abu and Abi Hurairah are fondly remembered by fans of the film franchise.

When it was announced a third film was in the works, many expressed their anticipation and scepticism since some of the lead actors had died.

Among them are Abdul Rahman Kadir (Pak Jabit) who died on Sept 6, Azwan Annuar (Wan Kaswi) on April 18, 2015, and Zami Ismail (Pak Abu) on June 19, 2011.

Director Mamat Khalid told Harian Metro he was confident fans would be happy even without some of the original cast members.

“It is a great blow because they gave their best performances and remained icons in the Kampung Pisang series,” he said while shooting the film in Taiping.

“New characters such as Yeh Sekupang, Wani and Kuda will help fill the void.”

He said 70 per cent of filming was done.

In this third segment, Mamat left out Kampung Pisang.

He said the audience would not notice much of the change since the comical element would be strong.

Mamat praised Datuk Awie, who plays Husin, and Delimawati as Kak Limah, while recruiting new actors such as Ropie Cecupak as Nayan, Zul Ariffin as Solehin, Mus May as a ghost and Uqasha Senrose as Zaitun.

There will be cameo appearances by Erra Fazira, Datuk Seri Vida and Jue Aziz.

“Some asked where are Johan Raja Lawak, Usop Wilcha and more. Johan has duties at his radio station,” he said.

“For the film this time, I take those who can give 100 per cent. It makes work fun.”

Mamat singled out Zul Ariffin for praise. Initially, the director thought Zul was only suitable for romance, action or drama roles.

“Zul has a comedy side and only needs a bit of encouragement to bring it out.”

Mamat said storytelling in the earlier films was loaded with issues but this time it would have more entertainment elements.

Meanwhile, Awie remained excited despite playing Husin many times over.

He described the character as being memorable for audience and fans would instantly recognised him as Husin.

“I do not mind and I’’m happy when people call me Husin.

“When reading the script, I have to recall some of the words in Perak dialect. Husin was 25 years old and now I think he will look more mature.”

Hantu Kak Limah 3 is expected to be released next August.