Organisers: Don’t worry about being in ‘queue’

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The Malaysian Organising Committee has revealed the ticketing system in place for the SEA Games.

At London 2012 Olympics, you “queued up” online to buy tickets only to get them much later.

Sometimes for events you weren’t interested in.

For KL2017, there is still a “queue system” due to the high demand for tickets.

But, if you queue for a sport and there are seats available, you will get tickets for that event.

Only thing is you can’t choose your seats.

“Bear in mind we have limited seats,” said Fahmi.

“If tickets are sold out, then you have to queue up again to buy tickets for other events.

“So please get your tickets early.”


In 2012, Britons had to apply for Olympic Games tickets.

Money was deducted from their accounts.

No idea what they were getting or where they would be sitting.

No idea if they had got what they asked for.

Notification came weeks or months later.

It left many fans disappointed.

Fahmi assures this won’t happen in Malaysia.

This article first appeared in yesterday’s Malay Mail Afternoon E-paper.