Kacang putih a must for Aidilfitri

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IPOH — They have earned accolades from consumers nationwide and kacang putih producers from this city are expecting the same as orders have started pouring in for Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

The famous kacang putih producers are expecting an increase in sales this year.

Perniagaan Kacang Putih S.R. Ipoh owner Ratnasami Nadar, 71, said that he will triple his production of kacang putih for Hari Raya.

“We have already received orders. Our kacang putih has become a favourite among Malays,” he said.

“Every year the sales will increase during any festival and for Hari Raya we are expecting an increase of up to 75 per cent in sales,” he told Malay Mail at his shop in Buntong here.

Ratnasami who has been in the business for 60 years, said the crunchy kacang putih products are popular among everyone.

“Everybody loves this snack. In recent times, Malays have started to enjoy it more due to its crunchy texture and savoury taste.

“They (Malays) are not afraid of buying it as most of the kacang putih sellers have obtained the halal certification,” he added.

Another kacang putih wholesaler M. Selvi Shankar, who owns the D.N.S. Kacang Putih in Buntong, said that she had received orders from Malay customers not only from Perak, but also from Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Kedah.

The D.N.S Kacang Putih has more than 40 varieties ranging from muruku, to chips to peanuts.

“Other items in demand are omopudi muruku, star muruku, seval, kari star and kacang pedas bijan,” said Selvi.

She added the kacang putih is safe to eat as it does not contain any preservatives and is made of flour, rice, sugar, vegetable oil, onions and herbs like cumin.

Selvi also said she had been exporting her kacang putih to Australia, China, Brunei and Dubai.

Rosni Ramli, 45, a kacang putih retailer in Pangkor said she stocked up on kacang putih as the demand was higher every year especially during Hari Raya.

“Every Raya, we will come down to Buntong to buy this kacang putih as we can’t get them in Pulau Pangkor.

“People prefer the kacang putih here due to its taste and it is considered cheap compared to other snacks that are offered in supermarkets,” she said.

Rosni said people will buy kacang putih to offer guests who visit their homes during Hari Raya and or packed as a gift for guests.

Kacang putih retailer Nizal Abdullah, 54, from Kampar said he had to buy more kacang putih as he had run out of stock.

“The orders just keep coming so I have to buy more.

“Kacang putih has become one an important snack during Hari Raya,” he said.