Daredevil woman

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► Stay fit.

► Look good.

► Burn rubber!

THESE are the three requisites for Malaysia Championship Series’ only female driver to stay hot on the track.

Geraldine Read rubbished the idea that women aren’t cut out for life on the track.

► Kuching racer, 35, is only girl in her troupe Team Dream Chaser.

► Admitted she lacked confidence initially, although gender goes out the window when you’re behind the wheel.

“It’s not just for men.

“When you put the helmet on you’re a racer.”


► Got her first shot at circuit racing when she entered the Red Bull Rookie search in 2014 and earned herself a spot in the all-female team. They finished 12th at the Sepang 1000km Endurance Race that year.

► Her first race was the Sepang 1,000km in December last year.

But unlike the other Red Bull Rookie drivers …

► Geraldine continued to pursue her passion on the course. “I was hooked!” she raved.

Now in her second full season of racing, she will race Round 3 of the Malaysia Speed Festival this Sunday at Sepang International Circuit. Will race both MCS and MSF in full for the first time, a total of 11 race weekends this year.

Staying in shape is key to life in the fast lane, she said.

Her fitness regime

► For two to three times a week, she goes for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and vibration training at Bodytone Wellness Studio.

“It gives me an edge, definitely. I push 100 per cent, like when I race.

“Being fit not only helps me last endurance races, but also in recovery, especially racing a few days in a row.”

But being the only woman on the course, priorities are not lost.

“It’s hard to look amazing in all that clothing. Luckily I have a great smudge-proof eyeliner that holds up on and off the track,” said the petite speed demon.

Would she encourage more girls to enter motorsport?

“If motorsport is something that you’re interested in, definitely.”