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R. Nachimuthu (former national golfer)

“We have been travelling together the past two years since his health started deteriorating. He couldn’t handle the long drives alone. We shared a lot about golf and how we could improve our game. He was a very quiet person and kept mostly to himself. I enjoyed our trips as he was someone I looked up to as a senior. He always had time to give me advice when I needed it. I’ll miss him.”

M. Ramayah (former national golfer)

“He was someone who had strong beliefs. If he felt he was right he would not budge and always stood up for his friends. When he was Malaysia’s No 1, he didn’t look for sponsors. He was a fierce fighter on the course and a gentleman off it. He had been taking medicine for kidney, diabetes and high blood pressure. Two years ago he stopped taking medicine as it was getting too expensive. Guna said he was doing fine without it after a year of not taking medicine regularly.”

B. Rajkumar (former national athlete)

“He was my childhood friend. He was a quiet person, very confident in his abilities. Guna never hurt anyone and would lend a helping hand if needed.”

Gavin Green
(professional golfer)

“He was a legend and his success paved the way for many! I see him as the Jack Nicklaus of Malaysia. He was hard working and determined and most importantly, he truly did love golf.”

Danny Chia
(professional golfer)

“Guna was a quiet person but when he talks, it’s straight to the point. He inspired me a lot, especially when he almost won the Malaysian Open. He has done so much for professional golf in Malaysia. He will be missed.”

Airil Rizman
(professional golfer)

“He was definitely a great man and an idol to all of us. True definition of hard work pays off. RIP.”

Nicholas Fung (professional golfer)

“It’s a loss for Malaysian golf. His presence and contributions will always be remembered.”