Rodeo lassoes on advertising with innovative approach

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PETALING JAYA — With rising demand in advertising for small and medium enterprises, a group of out-of-home advertising experts have tapped into the latest technologies to offer an innovative mobile-in-vehicle space called Rodeo.

And the best part is that Rodeo uses ridesharing cars under Uber and Grab in Kuala Lumpur as its platform, and it uses geofencing to bring the latest ads and offers to passengers.

V2 Innovates Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Valens Subramaniam, who conceived Rodeo, said the service engages ride-sharing drivers who are always on the go together with their riders who are frequently left to fidget with their phones along their journey.

Valens said Rodeo, which is a 10-minute interactive advertising platform fitted in a 10.1” Lenovo tablet in the driver’s vehicles will not only capture the attention of the rider but also potential customers for clients who advertise with them.

The tabs are fitted for free in the ridesharing vehicles.

“Drivers can also leverage Rodeo as there are no sign-up fees. On top of that, we from Rodeo provide a RM100 allowance should the driver hits his key performance index of driving over 150 hours in a month,” he said.

Drivers would only have to sign a three-year contract with Rodeo to take up the advertising tab within their vehicle, with further benefit from the allowances and incentives given.

“As for the clients who advertise with us, they can be assured that there would be cross engagement between both rider and the tabs in the vehicle as we have a geofencing system that is built in to generate advertisements and data nearby the drop-off point,” he said.

Valens added that advertisers can be assured of a database of potential clients or customers as interactive advertisements allows users to key in their data should the product advertised spark their interest.

“What makes us stand out among the rest is that all that data that is compiled from Rodeo — be it interaction with the tablet or even customers providing their detailed information are recorded so clients can be assured that there is a return of investment from the engagement between both users and Rodeo.”

Slated for a staged roll-out by end-January with an initial 250 drivers, Valens said RM300,000 has been invested into the project and he is on the search for a partner and investor to further develop the platform.

“We will be rolling out the second phase in the second quarter of the year with more advanced technology like facial recognition and seat sensors, which will help us to curate the content of the advertising according to riders.”

Among anchor clients that advertise on Rodeo are Lenovo, Shell Malaysia and Life Inspired.