Deepavali delights

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AS Deepavali draws near, the celebration will not be complete without sweets and snacks. See if you know these must-have goodies.

1. This is a golf-ball sized sweet shaped from a mixture of ghee, cardamom and sugar syrup. It is often prepared for festivals or family events. It is also considered a traditional Eid dessert in some Muslim communities.
a. Malai
b. Laddu
c. Jelebi

2. A sweet Indian dish consisting of carrots or semolina boiled with milk, almonds, sugar, butter and cardamom. This snack extends to both East and West, spurring different variation. Additionally, it comes in two forms: flour-based and the other nut-based.
a. Jalla
b. Halwa
c. Kopra

3. You can find this in almost every house during Deepavali. The crunchy snack consists of a deep-fried spiral of legume-based batter. Typically made from a mixture of urad and rice flour, salt as well as various flavourings.
a. Papadum
b. Samosa
c. Murukku

4. Similar to potato fritters, it is usually used as topping on various Indian meals. It also has become popular as a snack. They are created by taking one or two ingredients such as onion, eggplant, potato and spinach.
a. Pakora
b. Bonda
c. Letti

ANSWERS: 1. b 2. b 3. c 4. a