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Najib: New committee to gather views on redelineation

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KUALA LUMPUR — Barisan Nasional will create a panel to consolidate member parties’ views on the Election Commission’s proposed redelineation, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said.

This committee will compile diverse opinions for a counter proposal to the EC, said the prime minister and BN chairman.

“There are many effects (from the redelineation), various aspects need to be taken into consideration, therefore we decided all BN component parties will consolidate our views through a committee chaired by the BN secretary-general and be made up of all secretaries-general of BN parties to standardise BN’s counter proposal,” he told reporters after chairing the BN Supreme Council meeting yesterday.

“Hopefully we will come to a decision that is fair to all parties involved.”

He said BN components have various objections to the proposed redelineation, and stressed there were also dissatisfaction from Umno.

Opposition lawmakers have alleged the redelineation was designed to favour Umno.

“It would not be right to say that Umno accepts (the proposal). No. Even Umno has many views against this initial proposal by the EC,” he said.

The EC is proposing to redraw the boundaries of 12 parliamentary and 34 state constituencies in the peninsula and create 13 new state seats in Sabah.

The move was met with criticism not only from the usual sources in the Opposition, but also some in the ruling BN, including MCA and Gerakan, which voiced concerns over the apparent segregation of voters along ethnic lines.

Meanwhile, Gerakan is maintaining its individual objection to the Election Commission’s proposed redelineation despite the formation of a Barisan Nasional committee to compile such complaints.

Gerakan president Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong told reporters this after the BN Supreme Council where Najib announced the panel.

“We brought it up today that some of the changes are not fair, so Gerakan will press ahead with our objection against some of the constituencies,” Mah said.

According to the EC, objections to the recommendations can only be made by the state government, local authorities partly or partially included in the redelineation exercise, or a group of no fewer than 100 registered voters of an affected constituency.

Mah had previously said the redelineation would give DAP an advantage in several constituencies that Gerakan will be contesting. — Malay Mail Online