Water filter dealer says sorry over ‘bold’ claims

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KUALA LUMPUR — The local supplier and dealer for I-Mizu, a filtration system which produces water purportedly able to treat major illnesses like cancer and diabetes, has apologised for using a promotional poster with such bold claims during a ceremony with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) last week.

What drew the ire of some Facebook users was that the firm, Miresco Integrated Sdn Bhd, not only put up the poster bearing USM’s insignia at the event, but also uploaded a photograph of it on the university’s Facebook page.

In the poster, I-Mizu claims to have successfully treated 150 types of ailments and health problems including cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, tumours, cholesterol, eczema and obesity.

“It is a mistake made by my staff during the ceremony. It was a hectic day, and I admit our mistake. We cannot put a bunting or poster promoting our products in such a way, especially when we are dealing with sensitive illnesses like cancer,” Miresco’s managing director, Ihsan Mohd Noh, told Malay Mail Online.

“The Health Ministry called us the next day and we have explained and apologised to them, so the issue is settled. I don’t understand why people are attacking us on Facebook, maybe they have bad intentions.”

Ihsan said, however, he was only apologising for the use of the poster. He said there was more than adequate research done in Japan which had proven I-Mizu could successfully treat “chronic” illnesses as stated in the poster.

“We may not be able to say such things in terms of promoting our products here, but we have journals from Japan that prove this. It is proven in Japan it (I-Mizu) can help cure cancer,” he said.

According to Ihsan, Miresco wants to collaborate with local universities to study cases relating to the health benefits of I-Mizu water.

“I don’t care what people want to say, how they want to criticise us. This is a good drink for everyone,” he said.

A check on I-Mizu’s official website showed summaries of research articles, with titles such as “Hydrogen-water enhances 5-fluorouracil-induced inhibition of colon cancer” and “Magnesium metal-A potential biomaterial with antibone-cancer properties”.

Some of the studies were conducted on lab rats, with titles like “Hydrogen inhalation is neuroprotective and improves functional outcomes in mice after intracerebral haemorrhage” and “Hydrogen improves neurological function through attenuation of blood–brain barrier disruption in spontaneously hypertensive stroke-prone rats”.

I-Mizu markets its product as a filter system which converts regular tap water into hydrogen-rich alkaline water.