London motorists face strict rules, hefty fines

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KUALA LUMPUR — London, being a thriving commercial and residential city, has strict parking regulations and imposes hefty fines as part the city council’s efforts to facilitate traffic flow.

While a shortage of parking space in many parts of the city is acknowledged, authorities ensure their extensive public transport network overcomes this setback.

Besides the public transport network, there is also what is known as the “London congestion charge’’, a £11.50 (RM60.93) fee imposed on most vehicles entering the city.

This charge discourages vehicles from entering the city, hence, reducing high traffic flow in central London.

Parking on street bays is discouraged except for those living in the vicinity. These motorists-cum-residents are residential permit holders.

Non-residents are allowed to park but they cannot exceed 15 minutes in certain areas.

Ignoring this regulation would result in the motorist receiving a Penalty Charge Notice (traffic summon), and their vehicle is either clamped or towed away.

Warning signs are clearly visible and enforcement officers are constantly on foot patrol keeping a lookout for errant motorists.

Those ignoring such regulations in London end up paying £130 (RM688) in penalty charges, and another £200 (RM1,059) for towing charges.

With the large number of closed-circuit television cameras and traffic enforcers, a high number of vehicles found flouting parking regulations are recorded daily.